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New Canal Lighthouse
New Canal Lighthouse

New Canal Lighthouse

The New Canal Lighthouse has, like many things in New Orleans, a long history behind it. Originally built when Congress issued a $5,000 grant towards the construction of lighted pathways along the “new” New Orleans canal, the New Canal Lighthouse was built to guide vessels navigating this once expansive waterway that stretched into the very heart of the city.

Today, however, the canal has been filled in, as has the water that once ran under the lighthouse. Thanks to the Lake Pontchartrain basin reclamation efforts, the New Canal Lighthouse now stands on solid ground in the popular Lakefront Park.

Unfortunately, in 2005, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita proved damaging to the ancient structure, but thanks to New Orleans’ signature spirit and commitment to things they love, the New Canal Lighthouse has been restored to its original glory – built “new” again.

See the octagonal structure, play in the park, and learn about one slice of this incredibly rich tapestry of New Orleans history with a visit to the New Canal Lighthouse.

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Thursday-Saturday 10am-4pm
8001 Lakeshore Drive, New Orleans, LA, 70124

Practical Info

The New Canal Lighthouse is located in Lakefront Park at the end of Lakeshore Drive. Tours of the lighthouse are available from 10:00am to 4:00pm from Thursday through Saturday.

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