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Things to Do in Kemer


Mount Olympos (Tahtali Dagi)

Reaching a height of 12,500 feet (2,365 meters), Mount Olympos (Tahtali Dagi) is the highest mountain of Beydaglari Coastal National Park. Named after the ancient Lycian city of Olympos—the ruins of which lie along the coast just to the south—the mighty peak is surrounded by a dramatic panorama of mountains, forest, and ocean.

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Olympos Cable Car (Olympos Teleferik)

Scaling the 12,500-foot-high (2,365-meter-high) peak of Tahtali Mountain—ancient Mount Olympus—the Olympos Cable Car (Olympos Teleferik) is the most popular attraction in Beydaglari Coastal National Park. At the summit, a panoramic observation deck affords spectacular views over the forested Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean coast.

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Goynuk Canyon (Göynük Kanyonu)

Kemer is a seaside resort on the Gulf of Antalya. One of the major attractions of Kemer is its natural beauty, with mountains, canyons, and pine forests a main feature. Goynuk Canyon (Göynük Kanyonu) remained an undiscovered mystery for years, but has grown in popularity with tourists of late, due not only to its scenic nature, but also its opportunities for outdoor adventures.

There are numerous local tour companies offering various canyoning and climbing tours within Goynuk Canyon. If not climbing or canyoning as part of an organized tour, it’s possible to simply drive (or take a taxi) up to the entrance and then hike all the way to the top. Visitors will be rewarded with some spectacular views and be greeted by wildlife such as goats,

rabbits, and even wild pigs along the way.

There is a small restaurant and a seating area at the site, and it’s also possible to go swimming in the canyon’s cool waters. Tour companies are on hand to provide wetsuits and helmets for an extra fee, which means adventurers can swim through to a stunning waterfall at the other side of the canyon.

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Olympos Beydaglari National Park

South of Antalya, Beydaglari Coastal National Park has over 74,000 acres (30,000 hectares) of coastal cliffs, beaches, and mountains. Spectacular hiking trails, fascinating archaeological sites, and dramatic views over the Mediterranean make it a popular day trip from Antalya and Kemer.

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The ancient city of Olympos lies in ruins in a deep valley southwest of Antalya. Founded in the Hellenistic era and assimilating into the Roman empire in 78 BC, the town is famous for its cute treehouse accommodations that line the valley before ending at the Mediterranean Sea and the eternal flames of the nearby Mount Chimaera.

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DoluSu Park

DoluSu Park is one of the largest and most varied water parks along Turkey’s Turquoise Coast—and it's located 30 miles (50 kilometers) south of Antalya. Whether you come for the private beach, aquarium, swimming pools, water slides, activities, or water sports, rest assured that the park has something to suit all ages and interests.

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Less than an hour from the beaches of Antalya, Dinopark is a dinosaur-themed family attraction, where the prehistoric creatures have been brought “back to life” through a series of animatronic models. With swimming pools, play areas, and a number of different activities, the park is a fun day trip for those with younger children.

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